Global Volatility Group (known as GVG) was created back in September 2019 on Telegram messaging app. In February 2020 we had successfully accomplished to grow our Telegram Group to 500 of the most valuable and dedicated Synthetic Indices Traders from all over the world.

GVG Telegram Group has a team of Expert Traders from all over the world, dedicated to making your income grow. In February 2020 we decided to Launch our Copy Trading Service to help the least experienced and newbies traders generate new source of income.

Our unique Copy Trading Service (more on “What is Copy Trading” below) will help you grow your investment whilst you sit back, watch and relax.

We specialize in trading Synthetic Indices Instruments and one of them is commonly known as Vix 75 is a product of Binary.com and over the last few years has become very popular around the world. Especially Volatility 75 index also known as Vix 75 which is among the most popular indices traded on the Binary.com MT5 platform.

Our team of specialists can help grow your account without you having to do anything.